Pinktails v Pulteney FC 19.03.21 Adelaide

The Pinktails Squad Flew to Adelaide to verse Pulteney FC at SAFC Oval - Flinders University Stadium on the 19th March 2021

Pinktails verse Pulteney FC at Flinders University Stadium on 19th March 2021

Pinktails squad collage 2021.03.19

We all gathered at Traeger Park at 7.20am on Friday morning before heading to the airport and flying to Adelaide at 9.15am, arriving at 12.30 pm. It was all go as soon as we hit the Adelaide tarmac to get through border control, locate our hire vans, head to West Beach Parks where we had cabin accommodation, organise lunch and breakfast items, followed by a team meeting, after which it was time to drive out to Noarlunga to SAFC Oval and get ready for the game at 7.30pm. The Ladies took it all in their stride and stayed focussed on the job at hand. Our Pinktails team consisted of 6 under 18 girls, supported by mixture of players from our 5 CAFL clubs. 7 of which have played for a Pinktails rep side in the past and the rest all new.

1st Quarter: There was a lot of intensity, pressure and desire to gain possession of the ball from both sides from the first bounce. Talbot, our Gun Runner, was sent out with many instructions to settle, gain composure, remember our structures and game plan. We had several rushed attempts at goals resulting in minors from Birch, Jaine and Paterson-Dunn before one of our young guns Jakubiszyn slotted the first goal of the game. Meanwhile up our defensive end, Wischusen, Liddle, Townsend, J/Lena, King, Nolan and our towering rock Stokes managed to fend off any forward entries by Pulteney keeping them scoreless for the quarter, allowing us a small lead of 10 points.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Pinktails 1-4-10 to Pulteney 0-0-0

2nd Quarter: The Pinktails contingent returned to the field in the 2nd quarter with more composure and focus on all the things they had been working on at trainings in the lead up to this game and it showed. R/Smith and George instigated strong ruckwork allowing our deathly gathering midfielders and wingmen Couch, Taylor, Harding, C/Lena, Lovell, Francois and Sa’anga to propel the ball onto our eager forwards Jaine, McCormack, Jakubiszyn, Bishop, Z/Smith, Birch and Paterson-Dunn. The work rate and creativity of these ladies was electric and rewarding with many scoring opportunities opening up resulting in goals from Birch, Bishop, Taylor and Paterson-Dunn. The whole teams energy levels escalated with everyone on high alert ready to pounce on the ball should it come their way. Our Defenders were like a structured wall across the midfield intercepting, spoiling and reclaiming the ball at any opportunity, keeping Pulteney to a 0 score and allowing us to increase our lead to 45 points at the half time mark.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Pinktails 6-7-45 to Pulteney 0-0-0

3rd Quarter: The main message from Coach McAdam was to maintain our focus and to play out the game right to the end, no slacking off. The Pinktails did just that they ran out into the 3rd quarter with a desire and determination to show all who were there to watch that they were there to play a whole game of footy to the best of their ability to showcase what Central Australia can do in the football arena. Once again the Nolan, Townsend, Liddle, J/Lena, King, Wischusen and Stokes displayed ruthless and positive defensive manoeuvres to prevent Pulteney from adding any score. Birch up the other end was everywhere and slotted 5 goals in a row along with minors from Harding, Bishop, Taylor and Paterson-Dunn to widen the lead to 78 points.                                                                                                
Pinktails 11-12-78 to Pulteney 0-0-0

4th Quarter: The Pinktails team continued to do all the little things when they didn’t have the ball, like find a player, zone up, shepherd, instruct and be ready for the next contest. This led to another successful quarter of football, that had the ball up our goal end for the majority and gave us some more brilliant opportunities to add to our score. Taylor added 4 goals, along with 2 of our young up and coming stars Wischusen adding 2 goals and Jaine 1 goal. All the hard work done at all our training sessions helped to produce such and outstanding win by 126 points. The comradery and pride was evident from the whole Pinktails squad but in a very respectful sportsmanlike way. It was also a huge effort by our solo Runner –Darren Talbot.                                                                                                   
Pinktails 18-18-126 to Pulteney FC 0-0-0

Well lead by Coach Ian McAdam and his Assistants – Rob Clarke, Darren Talbot, Dylan Barry and Nigel Lockyer. A massive Thank you to SAFC’s  Sports Med/Trainers

Thank you also to Nicolette Dunn for her assistance with the board rotations and support. 

BEST ON GROUND: Elizabeth (Libby) Taylor, Caitlin Couch, Lara Harding, Shannan King, Lauren Lovell, Thea Wischusen.

GOALS SCORERS: Charlotte Birch -6, Libby Taylor -5, Keeley Bishop & The Wischusen – 2 each, May Jakubiszyn, Millie Jaine & Tia Paterson-Dunn -1 goal each.                                                                                                                                                        
-Written by Alecia Clarke

Pinktails Team photo 2021.03.19