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The Redtails aim to create a Football Club incorporating the Right Tracks Program to drive change in the community of Central Australia. It's main aim apart from participating in the NTFL competition in Darwin is to create a team that gives strong healthy pathways in behaviour, job readiness programs, healthy living and bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Central Australians creating unity and pride throughout Central Australia and beyond. This team allows it's players to participate only if they are employed, studying or in the Right Tracks Program.

RPRTP Redtails trip to Mildura 13.04.2023

 Redtails team trip to Mildura to verse Sunraysia– 13.04.2023 to 16.04.2023

Damien Hall had a few years in Alice Springs working for Clontarf and was involved in the local football league from where he met Rob Clarke and built a strong friendship and got involved in the RPRTP.

When he returned to Mildura in 2022 with his family he was keen to try and get some recognition and support for the RPRTP in that region, thus the idea of a Sunraysia rep side to play the RPRPT Redtails was born.

Of course nothing just happens, it took Hally and his team many months to get approval for this game to go ahead from the local league firstly, then it was a massive undertaking to then find sponsors and volunteers to bring it all together. The momentum kept growing, creating a lot of interest and enthusiasm from the local businesses and people to the point where it became bigger than Ben Hur as they say.

Rob and his team spread the word around the Centralians resulting in a lot of very keen players coming along to all the RPRTP sessions expressing great interest in such and event.

Logistically there was a few travel plans to sort out as flights in big aircraft companies don’t generally fly from Alice Springs to Mildura. Hally did as much organising as her could from his end with accommodation, meals, bus hire etc. The media outlets got wind of the event and were keen to inform the public in many formats and the social media arena.

A massive Thank you to Damien Hall, Michael Robertson, all the people working with them, the Sunraysia League & the Mildura Community in general for all your hard work, dedication, vision & support.


RPRTP – Patrick Ryder
7.02.2023 - Breaking news.
On the day Paddy Ryder is made a life member of the AFL, this fantastic man has reached out to us at the RPRTP to help support what we have been achieving and trying to achieve for young remote people in our region over the past eleven years.
Paddy will also be coming to Alice to train with the Redtails in the lead up to the much-anticipated match against the Sunraysia League in Mildura Mid-April, where Paddy will be pulling on a Redtails Guernsey and playing alongside the Centralian’s who have worked to be a part of this historical match.
Paddy has requested to also engage with community while he is in the heart of Australia through the RPRTP. Paddy will stay engaged after the match as an ambassador to the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program into the foreseeable future.
Thank you, Paddy Ryder. What an absolute champion.
Paddy has had a very successful career playing for three AFL clubs spanning many years. Amazingly all three clubs have had links with our program.
The Redtails played against Port Adelaide at Alberton Oval in 2016 and have built a strong relationship across multiple years. Fred Campbell is one of our champion coaches, who fully committed to our program across the last 18 months and has brought a bucket load of support and knowledge. Fred like Patty played for the Saint Kilda Football Club and Nigel Lockyer Jnr spent 7 weeks at the Essendon Football Club in 2020 as a SSP and got very close to being drafted.
What a perfect fit. We are all very thankful that Paddy has chosen to support & engage with our programs and love his sense of community. Boom

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RPRTP – Patrick Ryder training with the RPRTP - 29.03.2023
RPRTP post 28.03.2023

Paddy Ryder is visiting Central Australia tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th March 2023.
Paddy will be training at Albrecht Oval from 5:30pm tomorrow with the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program, as the men lead up to the Sunraysia League showdown in Mildura April 15.
Paddy will also engage with our 17s and under Redtails squad who are travelling to Sydney Thursday, to take on Newington College this Friday night.
Thursday morning Paddy will visit Yipirinya School and then see the 17s Redtails lads off from Traeger park later that morning.
What an awesome opportunity we have to engage with one of the games great ruckmen and have him onboard with our programs.
Let’s welcome Paddy with our true Centralian Spirit.
Thank you, Paddy Ryder.



"Dreamtime at the P" will see Alice Springs footballers face Sunraysia's best
Jackson Clark - March 30, 2023

The Central Australia Redtails are set to face a representative team from the Sunraysia Football League on April 15.
The match dubbed ‘Dreamtime at the P’ will take place at the new Mildura Sporting Precinct and is set to generate plenty of interest. The Sunraysia league is a strong competition featuring nine clubs based in north-west Victoria and south-west New South Wales.
The Sunraysia team could potentially field a number of ex-AFL players, including Cory Gregson, Sam Kerridge, Dallas Willsmore, Jarrod Brander and Matt Dea.
Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program Founder and President Rob Clarke believes that selection in the Redtails team gives talented young footballers in the Central Australian region something to aim towards.
“It’s another opportunity for these young people to aspire to try and make this side and experience something different,” Clarke told SEN Top End.
“Most have never been to Mildura or around that region so it adds value to what we are trying to achieve.”
AFL great Kevin Sheedy is expected to be an ambassador for the game while Carlton champion Anthony Koutoufides will be participating in a sportsman’s night.
There will be junior boys’ and girls’ games as well as a representative team from the Millewa Football League taking on the Mallee Tigers as the main curtain raiser match.
In a big boost for the Centralians, former AFL ruckman Paddy Ryder will make an appearance.
Ryder played 281 AFL games across Essendon, Port Adelaide and St Kilda, and was selected in the 2017 All-Australian team.
He also requested to engage with the Central Australian community through his participation in the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program.
The 34-year-old is currently in Alice Springs where he spent time with the 17s and under Redtails squad who are currently in Sydney and will take on Newington College tomorrow night.
On Thursday morning, Ryder visited Yipirinya School and is expected to visit other local schools in Alice Springs while training with the Redtails team.
“Getting Ryder on board is fantastic, he is in Alice Springs to train with the lads, so it’s pretty exciting," Clarke said.
“He is a perfect fit – we are all very thankful that Paddy has chosen to support & engage with our programs and love his sense of community.”
The Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program uses sport to engage young people and empower them to become leaders in their community.
The program promotes putting education, wellbeing, family and community first and takes leadership and role modelling to young people on the field.
Ryder will stay engaged after the match as an ambassador to the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program into the foreseeable future.

RPRTP post -Redtails trip to Mildura to verse Sunraysia – 13.04.2023

It’s been a massive build up over the last 8 months, where the journey started for the preparation for 17s and under lads v Newington College, SANFL/SANFLW trials & the senior Redtails v Sunraysia match in Mildura Vic.
To see the improvement not only in so many Centralian’s both Redtails & Pinktails is the most rewarding experience of this whole process.
People gaining new employment opportunities, focusing on healthier habits in regards to drinking and food. Helping and supporting others up rather than knocking them down to name a few.
The Redtails senior squad have conquered the first leg of the journey to Mildura this morning landing in Adelaide around 11:30am then travelling to Mildura on a 4 hour plus bus trip. WAIT WE HAVE JUST BROKEN DOWN. The squad is now waiting at a service station North of Adelaide for a replacement bus. The challenge begins.
Will try keep everyone up to date as much as possible
Saturday’s game live stream link below


Fred Campbell will lead the Redtails:

Fred Campbell has been selected as Head Coach for the Redtails senior side against a strong Sunraysia side in Mildura tomorrow evening, assisted by Darren Talbot, Ian McAdam and Rob Clarke.
Fred has been excellent at trainings with all our participants through his encouragement, advice and general all-round support to everyone involved.
Fred’s experience at the highest level is one thing but much more importantly is his ability to understand his environment and engage at anyone’s level. It is awesome to watch him grow into an important component of the holistic approach that we all strive to achieve in this RPRTP space.
There is no doubt our lads are up against it in tomorrow’s game, as the Sunraysia side boosts 5 ex AFL players and a squad filled with high level strong country footballers.
The challenge could seem to be an impossible one but that hasn’t squashed any enthusiasm from Fred or the whole squad. The result while not being unimportant isn’t what motivates this group and or program or the coaches, what does is the ability to help improve and drive positive change throughout our participants, which in turns then infiltrates through our community and region in general.


C26161Fred Campbell

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14 April 2023:
Early morning walk on a foggy cool Friday morning in Mildura and bump into this bloke who had just finished a 3.4km run.
This bloke has simply turned his life around and lead from the front since reengaging in our program. Bradley has been one of the many committed participants through 2022/23 RPRTP series.
Leading by example works as someone does something positive others follow hence the 20 plus Centralian’s that turn up to CONDITIONING sessions on any given Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday mornings.
Bradley has not only committed to training with his Redtails & Pinktails brothers & sisters but also works at Congress in a youth service role. Bradley through his efforts has earned a spot on the South Adelaide Football Club SANFL squad as an Central Australian based player. The encouragement and support Bradley is displaying to his peers is nothing short of commendable. Keep at it Bradley James Turnerand all the best for tomorrow’s game.

Mildura Welcome: - the welcome from the Mildura community has been absolutely unbelievable.
Our lads can’t believe how people in the street have been pulling them up to say hello and chat to them.
The facility is unbelievable, the oval is incredible and there have been a few famous people getting about as well. Boom

15 April 2023: Help.
Captain Macca at the helm, the lads are on a river cruise this morning learning about the region, the river and the weather.
The weather has turned a bit ordinary with rain all morning, hoping it clears up for tonight’s match.

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Sunraysia Daily Newspaper articles – Saturday 15th April 2023

325. Redtails 15.04.2023 v Sunraysia p1

326. Redtails 15.04.2023 v Sunraysia back page

327. Redtails 15.04.2023 v Sunraysia p50 top
328. Redtails 15.04.2023 v Sunraysia p50 bottom

329. Redtails 15.04.2023 v Sunraysia p51 top

330. Redtails 15.04.2023 v Sunraysia p51 bottom

Pre game photos with AFL Legends - Kevin Sheedy, Anthony Koutoufides and Patrick Ryder

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Redtails team trip to Mildura to verse Sunraysia– Player profile by Stan Coombe

Coach – Fred Campbell: Played 12 AFL games (Sydney 5, St Kilda 7). Drafted by the Swans after a stellar U18 season that included Harrison Medal (National U18 Div 2 B&F) and Everingham Medal (BOG in CAFL Grand Final). Coach of Rovers 2012 CAFL Premiership.

No. 1 Kurt Abbott: Regarded as an all-time great of the Ti Tree Roosters in bush footy. Also starred for Rovers in CAFL, playing in all of their five straight flags form 2017 – 21. Can play at either end and through the middle. Played with South Adelaide Reserves last year through Redtails Right Tracks program.

No. 2 Tyson Woods: Speedster from Yuendumu that has graduated from NT U18 representation into a potential match -winner on his day in senior footy, mainly as a goal kicking small forward with an occasional run on the ball. Played early senior CAFL footy for South, then switched to Rovers, and played Reserves for North Adelaide last year via Right Tracks program.

No. 3 Bradley Turner – Co-Captain: One of the veterans of CAFL football, now captain at South where he has played the second half of his senior career, after playing for Federal with distinction over a long period. Still has pace, and has always been a skilled user of the ball. Fitter than ever and starred in recent trial with South Adelaide Reserves.

No. 4 Keithan Martin: Ti Tree Roosters youngster starting to make in impression in senior footy, not only with his eye-catching pace and skills, but also through his fitness levels and commitment to the Redtails training program under mentorship of Kurt Abbott

No. 5 Shaydan Close: Hasn’t played senior CAFL footy. Played juniors in Alice before family moved interstate. Has returned to Alice this year as a strongly built midfielder/forward and will trial with North Adelaide Reserves this season.

No. 6 Denzel Anderson: Has put together a couple of excellent seasons in the CAFL for West. Will add outside pace to the side as a wingman or rebounding running defender.

No. 7 Dwayne Powell: Plays for Pioneer in the CAFL, but coming back from long term injury that cost him a chance to play in last year’s premiership team. Good kicking skills a feature of his game and can play as a forward or defender.

No. 9 Jamal Lynch: Plays for Ltyentye Apurte in bush footy and has also been a star player in the CAFL for both Pioneer and South. Lightning quick and has used that asset to enhance his reputation as a quality wingman, or rebounding running defender.

No. 10 Jeremiah Scrutton: Much travelled young talent, originally from Ti Tree. Did schooling and played junior footy in SA on the way to representing the NT U18’s, juggling basketball talent id program commitments along the way. His height is an asset in ruck and key position roles.

No. 11 Michaelis McMasters: A welcome return to CAFL footy a couple of seasons back, after establishing his senior career in the NTFL. As an U18 he had already represented the NT and was a key running midfield player in South’s 2014 premiership side.  

No. 12 Kane Sevallos-Seden: Based in Tennant Creek for past four seasons and a key midfielder in four straight flags with Spitfires. Has combined AFL Barkly footy with CAFL footy through those years, and added a premiership with Pioneer last year to his impressive resume.

No. 14 Dustin Oliver: Just a few years into his senior career, played with Ltyentye Apurte in bush footy and South in the CAFL. Pace to burn and that is usually put to use as a wingman or as a rebounding running defender.

No. 15 Thomas Swan: Only 19-y-o but already an accomplished senior CAFL footballer and an important part of the 2022 Pioneer premiership side. Speedy wingman that loves a contest. On the way to becoming a Redtails lock-in, having played against Big Rivers (Katherine) FL two years ago.

No. 16 Kynan Kenny: A key player in the dominant South U18 teams that have claimed two flags from last three grand final appearances. Handled the step up to senior football last season, displaying the poise and maturity of a seasoned campaigner.

No. 17 Deacon Braun: Straight from U18 footy into a leadership role in the senior side for South for this strongly built product of one of the club’s most famous and revered families. His style of footy reflects that of his family predecessors: a physically tough, highly skilled and team focused approach. Will trial with North Adelaide Reserves this year.

No. 18 Dylan Barry – Co-Captain : Strongly built midfielder/forward that has produced an outstandingly successful decade of footy that has included five CAFL premierships with Rovers, winning the 2018 Everingham Grand Final BOG Medal. A star also in the NTFL for Southern Districts, NT Thunder and as a mainstay of the Redtails line-up.

No.19 Tyrell Woodbury: Exciting to watch, tall but slightly built young defender that stepped into senior football last year in fine fashion. His game in the grand final was outstanding and a major factor in Pioneer’s narrow victory.

No. 20 Shaun Byrne: South youngster that had an immediate impact when stepping into senior football. One of his team’s best in a narrow grand final loss last year, with a dashing display in a small defender’s role. Will trial with South Adelaide Reserves this season.

No. 22 Isiah Forbes: Like younger brother Dominic, started at Federal and now playing for South, where father Chris Forbes is senior coach. While much shorter than his older brother, he is very quick, skillful and versatile. Can play as a small forward or defender, or on the wing.

No. 25 Luke Adams: A veteran of CAFL footy with outstanding service to both Pioneer and Rovers in his 15-year senior career. Has also been a mainstay of the Redtails teams for a decade, since playing in their inaugural match in 2012.

No. 26 Daniel Stafford Jnr: Tall forward from Mt Allan and led them to bush footy Div 2 flag in 2021 and Div 1 flag in 2022, winning grand final BOG medal both times, kicking nine goals in ’21 decider and five in ’22. Plays for South in CAFL and Minahan Medal (CAFL B&F) winner in 2018.

No. 31 Sabian Liddle: An athletic and versatile player starting to fulfill his potential now that he has a couple of seasons of senior footy under his belt. A third-generation player at Pioneer. His grandfather Michael D Liddle won two CAFL League B&F Medals in the 1960’s.

No. 32 Patrick Ryder: A star in the AFL over 281 games, providing distinguished service to three clubs: Essendon (170), Port Power (73), St Kilda (38). One of the very best ruckmen in the game over the last decade and a half, earning All-Australian selection in 2017. An absolute thrill for every other player on the ground to be either a team mate or opponent, such is the universal respect for his contributions on and off the field.  

No. 41: Jamie Hampton: Currently playing in SA with Gepps Cross. Younger brother of former GWS and Crows player Curtly Hampton. An outstanding junior career representing NT at U16 & U18 level and made senior CAFL debut as a 16-y-o. Pacey and skillful midfielder, capable of going forward or back if required.                      

No. 42 Thomas Gorey: One of the all-time great CAFL goalkickers, having won that award seven times, as well as being a three-time leading goalkicker in the bush footy competition. More of an all-rounder than traditional full forward. Give him an inch and he’ll take a goal.

No. 46 Tyler Hayes: From Santa Teresa but only played locally for Ltyentye Apurte limited times due to his schooling in Darwin. Made senior NTFL for Wanderers as a 17-y-o earlier this year. Solidly built key defender.


Redtails team photo with ex AFL Players - Patrick Ryder and Anthony Koutoufides

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Post game 15.04.2023:
What an absolute incredible experience, we most definitely got a lesson in wet weather conditions.
The weather was terrible but NO EXCUSES, out lads went down by 61 points 90 to 29.
The Redtails never gave up in a brutal physical game of wet weather footy, with cold wet & rainy conditions through the whole four quarters. It was actually freezing.
Dylan Barry was named best on ground by the Sunraysia coaches for the Redtails and Jarrod Brander named best on ground for Sunraysia by the Redtails coaches.
Thank you to everyone involved & being a part of the journey, including Central Australia, the Sunraysia community and all the families and friends.
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Post game reflection by Rob Clarke 19.04.2023:

The power of a positive environment is definitely underrated, as the normality of a negative one is far too common and squashes the positive before it can flourish. This is due to multiple reasons, jealousy, egos and deceptive behaviours to name a few. We all can at times be guilty of negative behaviour but if we all support and ENCOURAGE each other to try the opposite and really try hard to be consistent with this approach, we will all be responsible for a better place, home and region.

A good example of this, is the Redtails lads being beaten on the scoreboard last Saturday night, there is no doubt our lads would have felt disappointed and frustrated, yet there was an incredible feeling in the change rooms after the match. It didn’t feel like we had lost, not that everyone was bouncing with joy but more that they were proud of not giving up at any stage. They were also thankful for the opportunity, the recognition and reception from a community and people they didn’t know, that they had played alongside a legend of the AFL and they had experienced something overwhelmingly special.

Then this happened, one of the lads put his hand up to the whole group to explain that he got himself into trouble a few months back and wanted to THANK one of the other lads, really thank him for engaging and encouraging him to join the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program. He then went on to say that he was proud that he committed to it so strongly over the past three months and that his whole life had turned around because of the positive powerful influences it has had on him and encouragement to better himself on many fronts.
This is what winning really looks like.
It’s hard to explain just how impressionable that moment was but when every Redtails player walked up to acknowledge him individually nothing else needed to be said.

A massive Thank you to Paddy Ryder for being involved with our RPRTP group all weekend and prior, it was very humbling to see you just mingle with us all in your quiet unassuming way.
You are a champion human being and we have been so grateful to share our Sunraysia team trip with you. We look forward to keeping in touch.

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RPRTP SANFLW 2023 Grand Final

 RPRTP Pinktails selected for SANFLW Grand Final - SouthAdelaide FC v Central Districts - 11.06.2023 at ProspectOval

Congratulations to our Pinktails champions Caitlin Couch & Jordann Hickey in making selection for todays SANFLW 2023 Grand Final with South Adelaide FC.

South Adelaide Football Club v Central Districts at 2:15 Prospect Oval today. Both ladies had their families fly in to support and cheer for them.

South Adelaide secured the Minor Premiership and went straight into the Grand Final after their win at home two weeks ago. Caitlin and Jordy have not only been a massive part of Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Programbut played a huge part in South Adelaide success this year.

It’s leaders like these two incredible women throughout the past several years, that help others in our community to simply do better, success on the field comes and goes, success off the field is what we should be all striving to achieve.

It’s peers helping peers, peers leading peers and peers influencing other peers positively, that WILL help improve our community.

Well done to you both and to all those who have supported you at training and in general day to day life. Win loose or draw, we are extremely proud of your commitment and work ethic.


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RPRTP – Facebook post - SANFLW Grand Final – South Adelaide Football Club

We are disappointed for our Pinktails champions but most definitely proud of them.

The Panthers went down by 3 points after leading the entire game until the last 30 seconds of the match.

A holding decision was made with 52 seconds of the match remaining and then a stand rule infringement saw a 25 meter penalty awarded to Centrals and that was that.

Celebrate the season and don’t dwell on today’s result, was the Panthers head coach’s message.

Our Pinktails ladies were brilliant throughout the entire match.

Caitlin Couch tallied up the most ranking statistics for South Adelaide, with 13 kicks 3 marks 3 hand balls 11 tackles & 4 clearances.

Caitlin was a mixture of class with the footy and brute strength with out it. Caitlin’s game was brilliant.

Jordann Hickey started on fire in the first half, with her attack on the footy and her arial dominance, clunking every mark that was presented. Hicks hit the scoreboard 3 times but narrowly missing each of them coming away from the match with 3 points.

Heartbreaking result but most definitely not a failure by any stretch of the imagination.

Well done on an incredible 2023 season in the SANFLW to all our Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program participants and the South Adelaide Football Club players, staff & volunteers.

Thank you to both North Adelaide Football Club
& South Adelaide Football Club for allowing our program to be a part of yours.

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Daily Grind Match Report: Grand Final v Central District - South Adelaide v Central District Grand Final - Prospect Oval - 11/06/2023

The stage was set for the big dance of the 2023 Hostplus SANFLW Season with the Panthers taking on Central District at Prospect Oval.

The opening of the first quarter was full of pressure and contested play. Brooke Boileau and Jordann Hickey had opportunities early to register majors, but both drifted to the side for a minor.

Heading quickly and forcefully into the Panthers defensive fifty, Sam Pratt took a strong and solid mark.

With much of the play remaining in the Panthers forward half, it was Lucy Northcott who put South on the board late in the first quarter.

The Panthers defenders in Esther SchirmerJaslynne Smith and Tiffany Copley remained composed in the final minutes of the first quarter where much of the high-pressure play was held. Q1 - SAFC 1-3-9 to CD 0-1-1

Heading into the second quarter, the Panthers had an eight-point lead which would prove advantageous given the congested nature of the match.

Boileau and Caitlin Couch were busy around the ball collecting 11 tackles and 16 disposals each, while Elise Barwick was also busy collecting 10 tackles of her own.

Mel Anderson secured the Panther’s second of the day, showing her skill with a run and carry just inside the forward fifty and a shot on goal from a difficult angle on the run, producing a 14-point lead.

Soriah Moon proved once more why she is the best ruck in the comp collecting 13 disposals and 33 hit outs. While Holly Ifould found the ball with 13 touches and four marks.

Jorja Hooper hit the scoreboard with a goal late in the second quarter from a contest just inside the goal square handing the panthers a 20-point lead. Q2 - SAFC 3-3-21 to CD 1-1-7

This lead would be reduced back to 14 points with Centrals kicking their first of the day before the main break.

The third quarter saw some very contested and tackle heavy play, with centrals scoring the only major of the term despite the Panther’s strong defensive efforts.

Heading into the final term, the Panthers held only a four-point lead. Q3 - SAFC 3-4-22 to CD 2-6-18

Northcott would register her second of the day early in the last, extending the lead to ten-points.

The Dogs followed suit with their own goal minutes later to bring the margin back down to four-points.

With the momentum swinging their way, the ball remained in Central Districts forward half for most of the last quarter, with intense pressure and clearing kicks being created by Smith, Lauren Clifton and Alissa Brook.

A controversial free kick and 25m penalty awarded to the Dogs in their forward fifty handed Central District the win by three points.

The SAFC Women’s players, coaches and support staff would like to thank all the Members and supporters for their ongoing support in Season 2023. We would also like to thank our Major Women's Football Partners - Daily Grind and REDARC, and all of our other partners for their support of our Women's Football Program. 

Although they didn’t get the job done on the day, the South Adelaide Football Club is incredibly proud of the entire Women’s Football Program for what they have achieved not only this year, but since its inception and look forward to seeing them back out on the ground in 2024. 

Final Score: SAFC 4-4-28 to CD 4-7-31

Goals: Northcott 2, Anderson, Hooper

Disposals: Boileau, Couch 16, Ifould, Moon 13, Moon, Barwick 10

Best: Moon (Thanks to CheffyChelby’s), Couch (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Boileau (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Northcott, Pratt
Crowd: 3,228


RPRTP pathway SANFLW 2023


RPRTP pathway with SANFLW/SANFL 2023 – Pre Season Training October 2022 onwards to February 2023

Pre season for the SANFL and SANFLW has already begun in the centre of Australia with numbers attending, ranging from 30 to 40 on the traditional training session nights and on conditioning nights up to 20 and Saturday mornings agility session supporting similar numbers to the conditioning session. These agility sessions are the least favourite because it’s a gruelling hour of agility, running and skills drills.

With over 90 participants involved since the last week of September and Growing, it’s awesome to watch so many pushing each other to simply be better & watch so many making great choices.

Several of these awesome Centralian’s are clocking up to 25-33 plus kms over the 5 sessions weekly.

It was awesome to have Nigel Lockyer Jnr home and down to RPtails Academy training for the week just gone.

Working together is the only way to improve positive outcomes. Awesome stuff you mob.

Conditioning isn’t generally a fun thing, it’s usually something dodged by many but with our attitudes and mentality changing through our structured and supportive process we have hit a high of 26 participants at these gruelling sessions throughout October 2022.

There has been many focussed and gut wrenching effort from all involved in hot conditions so far of which is encouraging to see.

Many hitting personnel bests in their running efforts and others developing their skills to new heights but the absolute best outcomes are the incredible support and encouragement that our participants are giving each other both on and off the training track.

Such as helping their training peers find a job, giving them a lift, lending an ear or shoulder when life isn’t flowing so well at times, or doing extras outside of training times.

As you can see from one photo, age is no barrier.

Awesome stuff you mob.

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RPRTP pathway with SANFLW –Trial Games with North Adelaide FC and South Adelaide FC –28.01.2023

The Pinktails have now been training over the Centralian summer with the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program training regime run by Rob Clarke, Ian McAdam, Darren Talbot and Fred Campbell.

Our Pinktails have been training up to 5 times a week clocking up 30 plus kilometres in the process. They are all keen to test where they are at and reward themselves from their amazing effort that they have committed to across the past 3 months by leading by example, supporting each other and bettering our community at the same time. Thank you to all of their peers who have been with them, pushing and encouraging each other every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday morning weekly for the past three months.

All the effort, communication and outright hard work equals opportunity with our talent pathways.

SANFLW trials began in October 2022 for the 2023 season. Four of our awesome ladies, Millie Jane, Caitlin Couch, Lucy Nicolai and Brylee Kerrin, started the ball rolling representing our program in North Adelaide Football Club’s internal trial match over 6 quarters at Thebarton Oval on the 22nd October 2022.

They all put in a solid effort and performed extremely well.

Armani Francois, Brylee Kerrin, Caitlin Couch, Doreena Hansen, Ella Fitz, Hannah Murdoch and Lucy Nicolai were our next 7 champions to play in the South Adelaide Football Clubs trial game. South Adelaide’s coaches were more than impressed and have given the green light to them all playing in the SANFLW at some stage through the upcoming season if they are available.

What a gratifying result after all their hard work. One of our original Pinktails members Jordann Hickey has signed up with SAFC for 2023, so it was great to catch up with her and for the other Pinktails girls to have a familiar face with them today offering support.

A massive well done to all exhibiting Centralian Pride.

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RPRTP pathway with SANFLW –Trial Games with North Adelaide FC and South Adelaide FC –28.01.2023

The following 9 ladies flew with Rob Clarke and Fred Campbell for the nextlot of SANFLW trial games on the Saturday 28th of January 2023 with South Adelaide and North Adelaide Football Clubs: Armani Francois, Kyanne Campbell, Caitlin Couch, Doreena Hansen, Ebony Miller, Hannah Murdoch, Lara Harding, Sam Hoogeveen-Hill and Sarah Steele-Park.

RPRTP Facebook post on the 27.01.2023: All the effort across the last several months including training 5 days a week, with gym sessions mixed in amongst all that, goes on show when these awesome Pinktails women play for North Adelaide Football Club v Norwood at Thebarton Oval tomorrow morning from 10am and South Adelaide Football Club v Sturt Adelaide from 9am tomorrow morning @ Flinders Oval.

You have all improved, committed and encouraged others to follow your lead & we as a community should be extremely proud of you all.

Give this opportunity everything you possibly can and bring your no excuses, nothing is too difficult and I want this, attitude with you tomorrow.

RPRTP Facebook post on the 3.02.2023: 2 of our Pinktails champions, Sarah Steel-Park and Sam Hoogeveen-Hill ran out for NAFC against SAFC in the League trial match at Flinders Oval on the 3rd February 2023, while Brylee Kerrin and Lucy Nicolai played for SAFC and competed in the Reserves trail game between SAFC and NAFC.All4ladies performed extremely well in amongst some windy conditions.

Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program is creating opportunities, development, confidence, leadership, unity and pride both on and off the footy field.

To see all of these young women committing & developing themselves and those around them is invaluable and uniquely special.

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RPRTP -Facebook post 14.03.2023 –Gratitude and Appreciation for the opportunity provided via the SAFC and NAFC pathway into SANFLW and SANFL

No words can describe the thanks that we have for the partnership that has been created with both the North & South Adelaide Football Club’s in the SANFL/SANFLW.

This partnership is incredibly unique and it is an absolute testament to both SANFL/SANFLW clubs positive and people first mentality/culture.

Here we have two clubs playing in a high level, high performance and basically professional competition, who are competing against each other, yet are prepared to work together to give opportunities to those 1500kms away, who simply wouldn’t get them without this process. Again, this is absolutely incredible and an outstanding selflessness from both organisations.

The opportunity at a footy level is incredible but more importantly the opportunity to develop our young Centralian’s as leaders so our even younger ones have positive footsteps to follow and peers to look up to, is where the real benefits kick in.

None of this is easy, plenty of mistakes are made but when you have the won’t and the will to achieve no mater your age, add in an awesome supportive, stable and nourishing environment, positive outcomes generally evolve.

Discussions around employment, school, alcohol consumption and general good decision making etc. become the normal. This is what is happening in our space, it’s not made up, this is real, powerful and life changing. Many don’t get it right on the first attempt or even possibly the second but we are so proud that many have and are creating positive outcomes for themselves and those around them at school at home and in our community!

What a powerful statement this photo is, taken by Nick Hook Photography last Saturday South Adelaide v North Adelaide at Thebarton Oval.

To date this year 18 Central Australians –listed below, have had the opportunity to play in either trial matches or season matches. Including another two RPRTP past participants, bringing the total to 33 since the partnership inception. With many being named in the best on ground awards and returning high end if not the best recorded GPS figures on the day (effort-based results).

Millie Jaine - North

Ella Fitz - South

Caitlin Couch - South

Lara Harding -North

Sarah Steele-Park - North

Ebony Miller- North

Samantha Hoogeveen-Hill - North

Bradley Turner - South

Shaydan Close - North

Deacon Braun - North

Shaun Byrne - South

Brylee Kerrin - South

Armani Francois - South

Kyanne Campbell - South

Hannah Murdoch - South

Jamie Hampton - North

Lucy Nicolai - South

Doreena Hansen - North

Gibson Turner - North

Nigel Lockyer Jnr - North.

Thank you to everyone involved. Boom 

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RPRTP – SANFLW Round 1 SAFC – 18.02.2023 – South Adelaide v Sturt

Armani Francois, Kyanne Campbell and Hannah Murdoch have been selected to play for SAFC.
These 3 and many others have put in an incredible preseason. We wish them the very best for their first hit out in round 1 of the 2023 SANFLW season.
Kyanne Campbell will play her first League Match.

Some of the North Adelaide Football Club Pinktails ladies will get their opportunity to play in one of the best competitions in Australia next week.

Jamie Hampton will also suit up for North Adelaide in a trial match against a Sydney team at Thebarton Oval this Saturday morning at 10am, through his connections with the Redtails. Jamie has been training the house down with the RPTails Academy while he has been home in Alice for the holidays & work. All the very very best to all of you.

Buckle up and hang on, it’s most definitely getting real.

RPRTP - SANFLW Round 2 - 24.02.2023 - NAFC v West Adelaide FC

These 3 Pinktails were awesome today.
Doreena Hansen was at her best in the League match kicking 3 goals 3 points and two goal assists. Creating chaos for the opposition all game in the first game of the day.
It was
Sarah Steele-Park’s first game back for League, just over 7 months on from her major ankle injury and surgery. She struggled to get into the game in the first half but after the demons were put to bed, away she went using both sides of her body by foot effortlessly and building into the form she finished with as a SANFLW premiership player in 2022.

Lara Harding was on fire in the first half making the rest look like they were in slow motion on multiple occasions and was a solid contributor across all quarters playing through the mid-field in Reserves.
Unfortunately both Reserves & League for North Adelaide Football Club went down in two close games today.

RPRTP– SANFLW Round 2 - 25.02.2023 - SAFC v Norwood

To round out the day South Adelaide FC got up in the League anmissed out in the Reserves by a couple of goals.

Armani Francois played forward for the majority of the match in the Reserves andshowed how amazing she is in traffic throughout the match, bringing some heavy-duty pressure at times and generally impacting where ever possible.

Hannah Murdoch is impressing each week with one of the most solid forward defensive games possible, her run, sheparding and effort was second to none from the fist siren to the last in the Reserves match against Norwood at Flinders Oval.

Caitlin Couch pulled on the awesome Shannon Hanning designed South Adelaide Footy Guernsey and saying she was proud wearing it (as Armani & Hannah did) is an understatement.

Caitlin’s first match for 2023 in the
League side was brilliant with 13 kicks 4 clearance 5 handballs 4 marks and 4 Tackles. Simply impressive.
Caitlin was also named BEST ON GROUND!

Well done to all our Centralian Champions.

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RPRTP - SANFLW Round 3 - 4.03.2023 - NAFC v Eagles and SAFC v West Adelaide

All our amazing Centralian’s performances across both grounds and in all four games performed very well across the weekend. Every time they step out in 2023, it seems they are making a positive impact.

SANFLW Development League Round 3 NAFC v Eagles Final Score

NAFC – 0.2 = 2

WWT – 5.8 = 38

Best Players: Lara Harding,Lauren Hoffmann,Remy Grant,Teagan Cordes,Matilda Johnson

SANFLW League Round 3 NAFC v EaglesFinal Score

North Adelaide – 12.8 = 80

WWT – 2.6 = 18

Goal Kickers –  Jaimi Tabb 4, Sky Jensen 3, Mattea Breed 1, Jess Edwards 1, Doreena Hansen 1, Brittany Perry 1, Sarcha Taylor 1

Best Players: 
Katelyn Pope, Sky Jensen, Jessica Edwards, Julia Clark, Sarah Steele-Park – 20 disposals, 5 tackles, 3 clearances and 2 rebound 50s

SANFLW League Round 3 SAFC v West Final Score

South Adelaide  1.3  1.4  2.4  4.5  29

West Adelaide  0.1  2.1  4.2  4.3  27

Goals: K.Campbell 2, Baxter, Hickey

Best: E.Schirmer,Ifould,Barwick, K.Campbell, Hickey

Rookie Me Central

Top-age AFLW Academy member Kyanne Campbell struck the DEADLY blow with a late goal to win the game for South Adelaide in Noarlunga!

The Panthers defeated West Adelaide to become the only undefeated SANFLW team remaining in season 2023!


RPRTP - SANFLW Round 4 - First Nations Round-SAFC v Central District Saturday 18.03.2023 & NAFC v Glenelg Sunday 19.03.2023

It wasa huge weekend with 10 Centralian Pinktails playing across 2 days for our 2 pathway SANFLW Clubs and 4 games in all to get them to.
All our ladies were solid contributors in all games. It was an incredible achievement having so much representation at such a high level of football.

Armani Francois, Brylee Kerrin and Ella Fitz were the first lot to have a run with the SAFC Reserves Saturday morning.
All three contributed very well.
Brylee hit the scoreboard twice with 2 points, Ella took grabs and competed strongly in the contest on the wing and Armani exhibited her stepping and tackling game through the midfield. 

They had a solid win with the final score being SAFC Reserves 7-8-50 to Central Districts 0-0-0.

CaitlinCouch and KyanneCampbell ran out with Jordann Hickey next for SAFC League team and had tough game against Districts.

Kyanne kicked a goal in the first quarter in a low scoring and brutal game. Caitlin had her usual hard at 
it on the ball game through the midfield.

They lost to Central Districts with a final tally of 3-5-23 to 8-7-55.

It was a long day on Sunday with the League game for NAFC including Sarah Steele-Park and Doreena Hansen not commencing until 2.20 pm.
Doreena kicked 
her only goal in the second quarter, while Sarah had a busy day in the midfield against a strong Glenelg side that ran away with the win in the end with the final score being 4-6-30 to 8-4-52.

Ebony Miller, Lara Harding and Sam Hoogeveen-Hill were up next with Ebony having a solid and influential game in the ruck, supported by Lara and Sam up forward to assist with their win 4-8-32 to 3-3-21.

Ebony was named Best on Ground for all her brilliant efforts and team play that aided their win over Glenelg. 

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RPRTP - SANFLW Round 5 - 26.03.2023 -SAFC v NAFC – Pinktails Derby

The organising of each weekend is quite a challenging experience especially with reduced availability and the high cost of flights in and out of Alice Springs particularly on short notice with team selections not finalised until mid week. Another challenge has been the availability of affordable accommodation especially when thereseemsto be so many events on in Adelaide that are drawing in the crowds. On game day it can some times be quite a challenge for Rob to get everyone to their games especially when they play at different venues and similar times. Challenges are not foreign to this program though of which the skeleton and volunteer staff that run it have become acclimatised to as they continue to navigate through all the obstacles that get thrown in their path.

It was a clash of the Pinktails this week with South Adelaide up against North Adelaide at the Panthers home ground Flinders Stadium.

Armani Francois and Hannah Murdoch for SAFC were up against Sam Hoogeveen-Hill and Lara Harding for NAFC in the Reserves match at 4pm.
South Adelaide seemed to have the upper hand for most of the game and took out the win 5-7-37 to 2-4-16.
All of our 4 Pinktails got involved in the game with positive outcomes. Sam got named 5
th best on ground for NAFC.

The League game was next at 6pm with Caitlin Couch and Kyanne Campbell running out for the Panthers and Sarah Steele-Park, Ebony Miller and Doreena Hansen for North.

All aided their teams when they were on the field and in the action as best they could.

It was a similar tale to the Reserves game with the Panthers taking out the win with the final score being 6-4-40 to 3-11-29.
Caitlin had another stellar game resulting in her being named 4
th best on ground for SAFC.

RPRTP - SANFLW Round 6 NAFC v Central Districts Saturday  1.04.2023  & SAFC v Glenelg Sunday 2.04.2023

Prior to these games both Rob and Sarah flew with the U17 Redtails team to Sydney to play Newington College on the Friday 31.03.2023, so both of them then had to fly from Sydney early the next morning to get to Adelaide for round 6 games. Sarah’s game was at midday, not the greatest lead up to a game.

Doreena Hansen and Lara Harding both played in the NAFC Reserves side to

Ebony Miller and Sarah Steele-Park laced up for the NAFC League side

Then on Sunday Armani Francois, Brylee Kerrin and Hannah Murdoch aided SAFC Reserves for their win against Glenelg. 7-7-49 to 1-0-6

Brylee utilised her pace to beat her defender in the third quarter and scored a great goal.

It was a closer game for Caitlin Couch and Kyanne Campbell in the SAFC League side ending up with a nail biter finish for the Panthers to take the win and final score of 3-6-24 to 3-5-23.

Caitlin was named third best on ground for South Adelaide.

RPRTP - SANFLW Round 7 – Thursday 6.04.2023 SAFC v Eagles & Good Friday 7.04.2023 NAFC v Sturt

Armani Francois and Ella Fitz had the first game for the Easter weekend and these two Pinktails were awesome. South took the win over Woodville in the Reserves.
Ella Fitz kicked the first goal and Armani Francois had one of her most consistent games to date this year.

All of these Centralian women are absolutely sensational how they manage work, family, school, training & travel.
“No excuses” is the RPRTP moto that they stand by.

Jordann Hickey and Caitlin Couch were the next two Pinktails ladies to run out for South’s against Woodville in League game.

Souths defeated Woodville making it 2 from 2. Another huge congratulations to our players in absolutely terrible wet and windy conditions. Tough slog of a game but well done to Jordann and Caitlin with a solid game from both our Pinktails Centralian’s.

Our amazing Pinktails women put on another strong performance in game 3 of the Easter weekend in the North Adelaide v Sturt Reserves match at Prospect Oval.

Doreena Hansen kicked another 5 goals (possibly 6 TBC) and Lara Harding played an awesome first quarter off half back and executed a solid midfield performance though the second half.

North dominated the third quarter with Doreena kicking 3 goals in that quarter. Fantastic result, well done.

Game 4 for the Easter round was League North v Sturt with our 2 Pinktails women’s side having more scoring shots but unfortunately not taking home the win.

Both, Sarah Steele-Park & Ebony Miller gave it their all, with bursts of gut running, pressuring & spoiling all throughout the four quarters.

What an incredible performance by all our 8 Pinktails ladies across 4 games and 2 days. Paving the way for those to follow, with such a powerful strong can-do attitude.

That wraps up for round 7 of the SANFLW with a bye for all club’s next weekend. 

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RPRTP - SANFLW Round 822.04.2023 - NAFC v Norwood & SAFC v West Adelaide – Reserves Grand Final for SAFC v Norwood

Caitlin Couch & Jordann Hickey kicked off this weekend in the SAFC League side with an impressive win over West Adelaide at Flinders University Oval to place them at the top of the SANFLW ladder.
Their convincing win final score was SAFC 6-9-45 to WAFC 0-7-7.

Then it was over to Sarah Steele-Park anDoreena Hansen iNAFC League side to play at 1:10 pm against Norwood at Coopers Stadium on the Parade, it was a crucial game as North needed the win to stay in contention for a chance to play in 2023 finals.
Both Doreena anSarah hit the score board with a goal a piece to help NAFC take the win over Norwood x 2 points, 6-9-45 to 6-7-43.

The last match of the day was the SANFLW Reserve Grand Final with South Adelaide Football Clubv Norwood at 3:30pm. Representing the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program for South was our very own Armani Francois and Hannah Murdoch, who had earned the right to fight it out for the 2023 SANFLW Reserves Premiership Cup.
Armani Francoisinjured herself at work during the week. Armani showed some very strong maturity early in the week by ruling herself out of the Grand Final to allow the South Coaches to get on with their important preparations and naming of the team.

Armani has been brilliant for South Adelaide this season through the midfield, sometimes dazzling the opposition with her signature step and ball skills. You’re a champion Marns

Hannah has had an incredible year and also deserved this amazing opportunity, her selfless football attitude is second to none, she has also improved her game sense and fitness.
Hannah kicked the first goal for South to get them in front at the 8 min mark of the first quarter. “This is where Hannah Murdoch would operate with class, gathering smoothly and kicking it through for South’s first goal of the Grand Final.”

The final score with
SAFC Reserves as the 2023 Premiers in the Development League was SAFC – 3-7-25 to Norwood 3-0-18. Congratulations Hannah.

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RPRTP - SANFLW Round 929.04.2023 - SAFC v Glenelg & NAFC v Central Districts

With just the League final rounds left to play before finals the selection of players reduced from our Pinktails pool making organisation of flight and accommodation a bit more manageable.

Caitlin Couch & Jordann Hickey had the first game against Glenelg at Stratarama Stadium at midday on the Saturday.
Glenelg got away to a handy 2 goals start until Caitlin unleashed and racked up a game high 22 disposals.
In the second
 quarter Jordy carved up in the forward arena kicking all 3 of the Panthers goals giving them the lead.
Hickey added her 4
th goal for the game in the third quarter while Caitlin remained influential and lethal across the midfield to aid her side to their victory win and final score of 5-9-39 to 4-2-26.

It was a toss up for the
Best on Ground between our 2 Pinktails talented players.
Caitlin ended up with the title and Jordann a very close 2nd place behind her and the 4 match winning goals.

also got named the Coles Value Player for round 9. Amazing effort Ladies.

Sarah Steele-Park and Doreena Hansen came up against Central Districts at X Convenience Oval at 3.20pm.

They had a tough game for the 4 quarters. Both were feeling a little frustrated at times with quite a bit of bench time.
North had the lead from the second quarter going into the final term but just couldn’t hang onto it with Centrals narrowly taking the win  at the 15 minute mark by 1 point,
6-5-41 to 6-6-42.

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RPRTP - SANFLW Round 107.05.2023 NAFC v SAFC another Pinktails Derby

Our Pinktails Derby was on again, this time it was at North Adelaide Football Club’s home ground and the outcome was a total reversal of last time North anSouth met in round 5.

Our 4 champions Caitlin Couch, Jordann Hickey, Sarah Steele-Park and Doreena Hansen contributed well for both sides but Sarah and Doreena got the chocolates today with a very important win for North, which keeps their finals hopes alive for 2023.

In the first term North were dominant hitting the score board hard with two majors while South were unable to do any scoring damage ending with a single point.
It was clear that the contests around the ground were going to be rough, bringing on plenty of congestion.
In the second
 term North added another goal by Hansen while South were only able to kick a minor trailing by 18 points at half time.

In the third
 quarter the Panthers finally got their only goal for the game and North added another 2 goals, one being a goal of the year contender by our very own Steel-Park.
North’s defence remained strong and continued to restrict Souths movement and flow giving them the win with a final tally of 5-3-33 to 1-5-11

Caitlin racked up 16 disposals and  was named 4th best on ground for SAFC.

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R10 LR-122

R10 LR-146

RPRTP - SANFLW Round 11 – 13.05.2023 - SAFC v Sturt & NAFC v Glenelg

Across at Wigan Oval at 12.20 pm Caitlin Couch joined South Adelaide for a battle with Sturt. The Panthers looked dominant in the first quarter and were able to get a lead of 8 points.

Caitlin Couch was a predominant factor in clearing the ball to her forwards from the midfield to result in more scoring opportunities and increasing their lead to 21 points, with 3 goals 4 points to Sturts 1 point at the half time break.

Sturt came back as was expected in the second half and came within 1 point to equal the lead, thankfully the Panthers were able to exert enough solid and effective defence to take out the win with a final score of 4-7-31 to 4-6-30.

Caitlin continued her brilliant season with another equal leading 20 disposal game and was named second best on ground.

Our North Adelaide selected players, Sarah Steele-Park and Doreena Hansen had a 5 pm game at Stratarama Stadium against Glenelg.

It was another gruelling game with both teams fighting with their all to get the opportunity to continue into finals.

Both sides only managing minors in the first quarter, then Glenelg were successful in adding 3 goals to go into the halftime break with a lead of 18 points.

In the third quarter North finally slotted one between the big stick, unfortunately Glenelg also added one for the term. Steele-Park was influential when she was on the ground in the midfield.

It was dominant  inal quarter for North with Hansen using her forward skills to kick a much needed goal. Regrettably the rest of their attempts were all minors and Glenelg took the win by 8 points.

The final score was 2-9-21 to 4-5-29

RPRTP - SANFLW Round 12 – 20.05.2023 - SAFC v Norwood & NAFC v Eagles

Caitlin couch was unable to make it to the Panthers game against Norwood where Souths were able to win 4-6-30 to 3-6-24

Doreena Hanssen and Sarah Steele-Park made the journey once again to run out with the North Adelaide team to take on the Eagles.

Doreena managed to kick one of the 3 goals for North’s first quarter enabling them a nice lead of 14 points at the first break.

The Eagles came back though in the second term and were able to reduce the Roosters lead to only points.

The Roosters hung in there with their prominent defence retaining the lead by 5 points with both sides only able to add minor scores in the third quarter.

Sadly in the final quarter the Eagles were able to lift their intensity and add the required goals to win by 8 points and the final score 2-9-21 to 4-5-29.

The Roosters finished the season with 4 wins, 8 losses and finished 6th on the ladder.

Both Sarah and Doreena got plenty of footy experience over these games and have improved and developed as league players in all areas.

R10 LR-60 2

R10 LR-71 2

R10 LR-85 2

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SANFLW - North Adelaide Football Club League team 2023

R10 LR-142

SANFLW - North Adelaide Football Club Development League team 2023

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RPRTP Redtails U17 trip to Newington College 30.03.2023


Redtails U17 team trip to Sydney to verse Newington College – 30.03.2023 to 1.04.2023

This trip was planned for 2020 but due to the Covid Pandemic that engulfed the world and our nation it was put on hold until 2023.

So as you can imagine it was with a great deal of excitement that the U17 Redtails lads began training once the organisers got the flights confirmed and details of the trip with Newington College, of whom were just as keen to host our lads. Those involved at Newington College were able to research our Right Track Program and were keen to learn more and to meet those involved in person.

For the organisers ofourRPRTP it meant it was time to put the skates on to finalise team selection from training efforts, school attendance and so forth. As well as the playing and travelling apparel and the trip itinerary and necessary correspondence and consent from parents and carers. In amongst all this Rob and fellow RPRTP assistant coach Damien Hall from Mildura were organising a game for the senior Redtails participants to verse Sunraysia in Mildura mid April. Some how in amongst all of this organising Rob Clarke was able to get Patrick Ryder to play with the Mildura team. This was verytimely as Patrick flew in for a training session with the Senior Redtails the day prior to the U17 Redtails squad flying to Sydney.

329233494 480659777423519 1081471248792415623 n

This meant all the lads got to meet Patrick at their final training session on the Wednesday and he also was flying out of Alice Springs back to Melbourne on the Thursday 30th that the U17 Redtails were flying to Sydney. Patrick joined the group at Traeger Park and the airport allowing the group to have some one on one time with him. 
very unique highlight  and some great photos of Patrick where taken with the group. 



Redtails U17 team trip to Sydney to verse Newington College – 30.03.2023  – Photos with AFL Player - Patrick Ryder

Standing: Sarah Steele-Park,Tyrell Coulthard, Taylem Stubbs, Declan Abbott, Jack Newman, Mitchell Pearce, Jeremiah Pepperill, Tyreece Forbes, Patrick Ryder, Rhys Craig, Malachai Waterford, Jacob Ross, Robert Nardoo, Fred Campbell, Nelson Anders, Ricky Mentha, Ian McAdam, Rob Clarke.

Kneeling: DarrenTalbot, Addyson Lowe, Kyran Cole, Kaleel Ross, 
Tekai Lankin, Mason Tilmouth, Malakai LeRossignol, Kavahn Roger, Jack Farrell.

The RPRTP Coaches - Darren Talbot, Rob Clarke, Fred Campbell, Ian McAdam with Patrick Ryder


Redtails U17 team trip to Sydney to verse Newington College – Trip information via RPRTP Facebook posts from 30.03.2023 to 1.04.2023

Our young lads are on their way to Sydney to experience a new place for many and represent their family, community and the Central Australian Region.

A big thank you to Paddy Ryder, his engagement over the short amount of time he has had at training and with the lads has been priceless.

Will try to keep you all updated with the lead up to Friday nights game against Newington College in Sydney town.

Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program


30.03.2023 - Our lads have been blown away with the just how welcoming everyone from Newington College have been and the enormity of the facilities.

The Redtails also got to meet and listen to 10 year coach of the GWS Giants in a training shirt presentation to the lads.

Heading back to the accommodation now in preparation for the big day tomorrow.

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Newington College Indigenous T-shirt design information

ARTIST -Blak Douglas, 2022 Archibald Prize Winner
NGALYA - “Ally, friend in battle”
Nagalya is a word used in the Dharug dialect, which is the language spoken by the First Nations people who have walked on Stanmore campus long before the school was established.
The Indigenous students selected the word
Nagalyawith the inference that everyone that chooses to put on the Newington Indigenous jersey is now an ally, accepting the responsibility to support their Indigenous brothers and sisters.”
Indigenous students selected the artist and worked with Blak Douglas to develop the final artwork.
Position Promotions are an independent, Aboriginal owned and operated company
ARTWORK – The Spear and the Whale
Developed in 2021 for Newington College Reconciliations week. These symbols were used by Gadigal people and are found around in Sydney sandstone today
WHALE – Gamura, a symbol of the dreaming of Gadigal people and connection to the nearby sea
HANDS – Damara, represent connection to land and each other
SPEAR Gunang, was used in battle
BOOMERANG – Bumarang, used in hunting and battle by the Gadigal people
GUNANG / GAWURA (The spear & whale)
This jersey pays homage to the Cadigal (Gadigal) warriors who stood strong with their spears until the arrival of a different type of warfare was introduced to their land. Only two hundred - thirty three years ago, the robust physiques
of the local tribesmen would be challenged for the first time in tens of thousands of years by germs and guns.
Prior to the western concept of a ‘house of worship’, the Cadigal practiced ceremony out of doors, mostly upon hill tops and on sandstone platforms. Thankfully many examples of the dedicated efforts in the way of rock carvings still remain. The Cadigal dreaming is GUWARA, the whale and indicated by the many carvings around the harbour today.
Customary to Koori tradition, hand stencils are a ‘signature’ of presence of the generations of young peoples partaking in ceremonies. Most rock caves within the South East carry stencils placed there at least two hundred years and prior.
An ancient ‘QR’ code whereby identifying an individuals entry into that space at that time. We bring these elements together on this strip in remembrance of those that cared for the country that we now live, work & play. May the young warriors donning these jerseys carry the energy & might of the young men who once walked the same tracks.
Blak Douglas, 2021

Newington College Indigenous Tshirt

Redtails U17 team trip to Sydney to verse Newington College – Coach Fred Campbell’s thoughts.

The U17s were excited to go on this trip to Sydney. One of our fellas asked the bus driver " Does the school look like Hogwarts school off the movie Harry Potter" as we drove in. They all were very surprised to see the resemblance as another of the boys replied " it does look like Hogwarts”. It was a funny moment.

As the bus stopped the lads saw all the students kicking the footy on the oval, they made their way down and to my surprise they engaged with the students right away shaking hands and kicking the footy and mingling with each other.

We had a tour of the college where a few of the lads had a swim in the indoor swimming pool.

After that they played basketball before a welcoming reception at which the shirts were revealed that the Newington College students and staff had designed, with Rob’s input as well. It had both Redtails and Newington College community’s insignia symbols incorporated on them.

The college had also organised a special speaker, the ex GWS coach Leon Cameron, he talked with all of our boys. It was informative, inspiring and special.

We had fresh pizzas made up on the spot which the students had funded. 

The college had a few of their indigenous students take us on a tour, all of our lads were very impressed and amazed at just how big the college was.

The next day we had a welcoming to country by a local Aboriginal man and a smoking ceremony of which our boys engaged in and were overwhelmed and surprised by the warm reception and engagement of all students of Newington College. Our very own player Jeremiah stepped forward on his own accord and thanked the Newington College, he spoke in our local Arrente language as well. All students of Newington gathered around our group, which made for an unbelievable sight. 

Afterwards we all gathered in the art room and a few of our lads made up a Aboriginal painting to symbolise our new connection with the college. 

After that we were lucky enough to have a tour of the new Sydney Swans facilities, thanks to Sarah Steele-Park who organised it through her personal contact and teaches some of our lads at CMS. The boys were all very happy to see few of their idols as well as the amazing facilities.

We had a chance to go to Coogee Beach for the boys to cool off.

After that we had a late lunch before it was time to get ready to play footy.

I don’t think our boys weren't expecting a tough game. They honestly thought it was going to be easy because they were playing guys who were from a mainly rugby state. Instead, they were met with a very well structured and well-developed team. It was a very physical game throughout the night. Our lads were very good in parts of the game showing their skills but it wasn't good enough to get the win. Ricky Mentha got Best on Ground receiving a signed ball by Buddy Franklin. 

This was a good lesson for most of our lads that they need to work on their game in the future and keep striving to improve.  

They were all very well-mannered, respectful and well behaved throughout the whole trip. 

Fred Campbell

Redtails U17 team trip to Sydney to verse Newington College – Coach Fred Campbell’s recap of a special moment.

The next day we had a welcoming to country by a local Aboriginal man and a smoking ceremony of which our boys engaged in and were overwhelmed and surprised by the warm reception and engagement of all students of Newington College. Our very own player Jeremiah stepped forward on his own accord and thanked the Newington College, he spoke in our local Arrernte language as well. All students of Newington gathered around our group, which made for an unbelievable sight. One that makes your skin tingle and your hairs stand up. A powerful reminder of the positive nature of friendship and sharing of each others cultures and background.

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Redtails U17 team photo - 31.03.2023
Standing: Kaleel Ross, Jack Newman, Nelson Anders, Jeremiah Pepperill, Malachai Waterford, Addyson Lowe, Taylem Stubbs, Tyreece Forbes, Isaiah Miller, Robert Nardoo, Hamish Collins
Kneeling: Kyran Cole, Mitchell Pearce, Declan Abbott, Tyrell Coulthard, Malakai LeRossignol, Tekai Lankin, Mason Tilmouth, Rhys Craig, Jack Farrell, Kavahn Roger, Ricky Mentha, Jacob Ross

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It was one tough hit out of a game. Unfortunately, our young men went down to a much larger bodied side in Newington.
Our lads where awesome though with some surprise packet performances.

Newington 78
Redtails 32

What an incredible experience the whole lead up and game has been for all our lads.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our immense Thanks to Newington College and their liaison person Geordie Barham, the College Chaplain and Director of AFL at Newington College. Their extremely warm welcome and all the amazing events that they organised for us were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by us all.

The whole Redtails group are extremely grateful and thankful to all involved. It has been such an enriching, rewarding and memorable trip.


RPRTP pathway SANFLW 2022 Grand Final

RPRTP Pinktails selected for SANFLW Grand Final - North Adelaide FC v Sturt – 28.05.2022

Incredible, positive and powerful is a short way of summarising the SANFLW 2022 season that our Pinktails have experienced.

What a journey and an incredible achievement from two of our amazing women, Sarah Steele-Park and Doreena Hansen, in their first season in the SANFLW with the North Adelaide Football Club.

42 women will play in tomorrow’s SANFLW Grand Final. 21 from North Adelaide Football Club and two of these women are from the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program living and working in Alice Springs.

It is not easy to explain just how huge this achievement is, training up to 5 times a week in preseason, proving themselves through trial matches and then flying in each weekend on a 3000km return trip whilst holding down a full-time job, just to name a few hurdles.

Make no mistake these two are deadly but all of those who have trained with them are just as awesome themselves.

A good Culture is everything and the support and encouragement that you all show for each is priceless and what makes this program so special and unique.

Our community needs these values in spades and the participants in our programs are leading the way, watching, you all do this is incredibly special.

The game tomorrow is at Norwood Oval North Adelaide Football Club v Sturt at 1:45pm. We understand it is on live TV Chanel 7 Adelaide or The SANFL Now app.

We wish Doreena Hansen & Sarah Steele-Park all the very best.

Thanks KD’s Footy Photos, you’re a champion.

Special thanks to the RPRTP coaches:Ian McAdam, Darren Talbot, Fred Campbell and Rob Clarke.

Thank you also to Kylie Campbell for her amazing brother Sy at The Oxford Hotel and all his amazing meals pre and post games.

A massive thank you to all the North Adelaide Footy Club’s Staff including Coaches, Admin and all the Rooster crew. You mob are awesome.

What a journey.
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RPRTP – Sarah Steele-Park and Doreena Hansen selected in the SANFLW Grand Final playing for North Adelaide FC against Sturt – 28.05.2022



After the ecstasy of the 2020 premiership, North had a forgettable 2021 finishing outside of the four in fifth place. There had been quite a turnover in players at the end of both the 2020 and 2021 seasons but with some astute recruiting and juniors coming through the club was quietly confident that the Women’s team could be a contender in 2022.

A change to the rules saw the number of players allowed on the field at any time to 16 instead of 18.  North started the season slowly, they lost the opening game of the year to the previous year’s wooden spooner, West, and after defeating 2020 Grand Final opponent South in Round 2, North lost to early season pacesetters, Sturt in a remarkably low scoring game, the score being Sturt 1 goal 4 behinds to North 7 points.

From there North found form and went on a seven-game winning streak with some very impressive winning margins. Despite losing to wooden spooner, West, in the last Minor Round game, North entered the finals as minor premier.

North marched straight to the Grand Final with an emphatic 57-point win over Sturt. Sturt then bounced back to comfortably beat Glenelg thus setting up the Grand Final between the teams that had finished first and second on the table at the end of the Minor Round.

The Grand Final – A great finish

With a good crowd in attendance at Norwood Oval, the Double Blues jumped North and had 1 goal 3 behinds on the board before Megan Ryan posted North’s first goal at the 8-minute mark of the first quarter. It was all Sturt as they scored another 2 goals to lead by 15 points at quarter time and things were looking dire for North when Sturt scored the first goal of the second quarter. But slowly North clawed their way back into the game, with Erica Greet dominating on a wing and young gun Hannah Ewings becoming influential up forward, but North still trailed at the main break by 8 points. Doreena Hansen and Ewings contributed the two goals for the term.

The third quarter turned into an arm wrestle with the vastly experienced Jade De Melo starting to look dangerous for North. At the 11-minute mark she scored the only goal of the quarter, Thus the stage was set for an epic battle in the last quarter with Sturt turning for home with a 2-point margin.

46 seconds into the last quarter, North hit the front for the first time with a goal to Jaimi Tabb, but then neither side could make much impression on the scoreboard for the next 13 minutes. Then the wily Jade De Melo gave North some breathing space with her second goal of the quarter. De Melo then iced the game with 2 minutes to go when she scored her third goal for the quarter.

At the final siren the margin was 18 points and there was much jubilation as dual Premiership captain, Kristi Harvey and coach Kristi Steen lifted the premiership cup.

The old adage of “all played well” could have applied to the North team, but Erica Greet, Jade De Melo, Hannah Ewings
, Megan Ryan and Katelyn Pope featured highly in the best players listed in the media.

Premiership Team


J.V. de Melo                         E.M. Grigg


H.L. Ewings             J.M. Tabb                 K. Pope


M. Ryan

E.J. Greet                       J.A. Edwards                       B.N. Arthur

S.E. Steele-Park             J.C. Clark


L.K. Gauci                 A.T. Borg                   E.M. Quinn


K.C. Harvey             J. Parish


D.M. Hansen, E.R. Metcalfe, J.D. Norup, R. Plummer, K.L. Rothwell

(Coach: K. Steen ; Captain: K. Harvey & E. Sundstrom)


  First  Second  Third  Final

North  1.1 (7)  3.2 (20)  4.4 (28)  7.6 (48)

Sturt  3.4 (22)  4.4 (28)  4.6 (30)  4.6 (30)

Goals: De Melo 3.0, Ryan 1.2, Ewings 1.1, Tabb 1.1, Hansen 1.0, Rushed 0.2

Attendance: 2248 


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RPRTP – Doreena Hansen, Coach Krissie Steen and Sarah Steele-Park - North Adelaide FC Premiers 2022



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